Friday, 21 April 2017

Darlington hospital update. Friday.

All - I am now admitted on WARD 33 awaiting an op on an unspecified day next week. My rucksack has arrived from Durham.

I am being well looked after here and the whole ambience is so much better. From everything I have heard and from our meeting  I understand Mr. Burton has a fine reputation as an upper limb specialist, but his list is full, but I am happy to wait here rather than go back home and come back.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Durham/Darlington update - Thursday

I was sent to Darlington this morning by taxi on the understanding I would then go back to Durham after being seen by the relevant consultant. I was seen within twenty minutes of arrival.

The consultant here wanted a ct scan and also said his list was full until next week. Various options were muted including going home in between. He wanted to see the current plaster removed and sent me to the plaster room - immediate action.  When he came to look he said I could have the ct scan here and be admitted until the op next week. Within fifteen minutes of the plaster room I had the ct scan. I was then asked to wait until the bed was available, and ten minutes later MrB arrived and said he had seen the scan anld it was not as serious as first thought.. So I am now wating to go on the ward. THUMBS UP FOR DARLINGTON SO FAR. There seems to be team spirit, camerarderie and friendliness prevailing here.

All I need to do now is arrange for my rucksack to be sent down here from Durham - what could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Durham hospital update

I fell on Sunday and was admitted to Durham hospital. 9:30 pm. Monday consultant told me decision would be made after consultation with upper limb specialist at Darlington. Depending on them either he or they would operate. It is now Wednesday. I have been starved and prepared three times for possible op. including early breakfast today with promised op.

Consultant has now arrived and told me he has only got response from Darlington today SINCE SUNDAY! they want do op there and I have an appt. at their fracture clinic tomorrow, so seems like starting from sq. one again tomorrow. Despite fact that I had been prepared for op today consultant told me that even if  he would have been doing op. It wouldn't have been done until tomorrow!

So here I sit with a forearm and upper arm both broken close to elbow since Sunday and. Little prospect of treatment in next couple of days.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Postcard from Durham hospital

We've had a guy in here who cut off the tops of two fingers with a bench saw. Fortunately they've fixed them back on and he's gone home. I've got a similar machine at home and will be thinking very carefully before using it again.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Berwick update

Here is the blow by blow account.

Coming off Weather Hill there is a fence line and stile at NY 922 396. The fence only had posts so walked straight through and tripped on the old fence wire buried inThe grass. Getting standing was not easy. Then I found the path had vanished so walked for approx 2kms. over tussock grass terrain, clutching two poles in my right hand with left arm hanging down.climbed a ladder stile and descended through several difficult gates to Chester House ( farm). Farmer put me in his quad bike and delivered me to the Hare.and Hounds, Westgate phoning for an ambulance at 5:00 pm. There I was well looked after by the landlord and two lovely ladies, Cath and Alli, for four and a half hours (ambulance arrived 9:30.) 35 miles to Durham, triage, X- ray etc. Finally was in bed for 1:25am.

Westgate was my destination for the day and I had walked about 16 miles when I fell.

Thanks too all for your comments. Too many to reply individually.. It is trickydoing this with one finger and the Wrong hand.

Sunday, 16 April 2017